Mississippi Leadership Academy

  Great for school leaders and educators in leadership roles.
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Embark on a transformative 12-hour online journey beyond conventional leadership norms and immerse yourself in the realm of extraordinary leadership.
This Leadership Academy is designed to equip you with the essential skills and insights needed to excel in leadership roles. Throughout the course, we will explore four fundamental components, each pivotal in crafting the intricate tapestry of effective leadership.

Part 1: Building the Framework for Exceptional Leadership (4 hours)
This is a comprehensive blueprint for exceptional leadership, covering the foundations of leadership, organizational culture, data-driven decision-making, and efficient management.

Part 2: Facilitating Growth Through Leadership (3 hours) 
Discover the power of feedforward, learn coaching for growth, improve staff meetings, and address burnout challenges. This section is a roadmap for personal and organizational evolution.

Part 3: Embracing Inclusive Leadership (3 hours) 
Inclusion is key to effective leadership. Learn about special education leadership, empower English language learners, design for all, and gain insights into diversity and inclusion.

Part 4: Leading for the Future with AI (2 hours) 
Discover practical uses of AI in schools and equip yourself to lead in the evolving landscape of education.


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Total Time: 12 Hours

Course Outline:
Part 1: Building the Framework for Exceptional Leadership (4 hours)
  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Culture & Climate
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Effective & Efficient Management

Part 2: Facilitating Growth Through Leadership
(3 hours)
  • Moving to Feedforward
  • Coaching for Growth
  • Extreme Makeover: Staff Meeting Edition
  • Avoiding Burnout

Part 3: Embracing Inclusive Leadership
(3 hours)
  • Special Education Leadership
  • Empowering English Language Learners
  • Designing for All
  • Diversity & Inclusion: A Leader's Perspective

Part 4: Leading for the Future with AI
(2 hours)
  • Real-World Uses of AI in Schools
  • AI Tools & Resources

Meet the Expert:
Allison Yeager

Allison spent the first 10 years of her career as an elementary educator in a large district in DFW. She taught 1st-3rd graders through the years, in both regular and dual language programs. As a teacher, she loved finding ways to integrate technology to engage and create new learning experiences for her students. She then spent 3 years serving as an EdTech specialist for the same school district where she was able to share her passion for EdTech with teachers and administrators. Allison’s most recent experience was in the corporate world where she was able to hone her leadership training and instructional design skills for an auto-finance company. Her true passion for education and educators brought her to friEd Technology where she joins the friEdOnline team as a Learning Experience Specialist.
I am so thankful I found friEdOnline courses because I hate going to LIVE PD sessions.
Friedonline courses are easy to follow and are very interesting. I have learned alot taking these courses.
I love the FriEd online courses. I can work at my own pace and each section gives you practice on presented skills.
I have taken several of the courses that are offered and have learned so many great strategies! I have already spread the word to several of my colleagues!
I love taking these courses. I can pause them when I need to, go back over information if I missed something, and overall they are well put together. This is superior to going to a training off-site where it feels like you're drinking from a fire hose and can't remember anything when you leave.
I have really enjoyed our school district using you guys! Yall have been teachers and know what teachers are needing and looking for in resources. Can not wait for the next opportunity to learn more!!!

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