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Google Classroom in 5

Let's break down Google Classroom in ... 5! Ok, not in five minutes but in 5 main categories with 5 action steps. This course will help you understand how Google Classroom can transform the way you use digital documents in your classroom.
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10 months

Course Objectives

Getting Started in Google Classroom
The learner will explore...
  • Classroom Dashboard
  • Creating a Class & Adding Students
  • Working with Co-Teachers
  • Settings & Tabs
  • Decorating your Classroom

The Teacher View
The learner will practice...
  • Creating Activities
  • Attaching Documents
  • Assigning Points & Due Dates
  • Adding Topics
  • Reusing Posts
  • Google Meet & Classroom

The Student View 
The learner will understand how to...
  • Pick up the Assignment
  • Turn in Work
  • View Classwork
  • Use Organization Tips

Grading Basics
The learner will explore...
  • Grading Overview
  • Using the Comment Bank
  • Returning Work to Students
  • Grading Outside of Google
  • Submission History
  • Grading Tips

Make it Work!
The learner will explore...
  • Communication within Classroom
  • Student Actions
  • Notifications
  • Managing the Classroom Calendar
  • Mobile App
  • Archiving Classes
Meet the expert

Jessica Powell-Allbright

Jessica spent the first eight years of her classroom career wrangling middle schoolers (just kidding, she taught just English) before becoming a District Instructional Technology Specialist. She has an affinity for app-smashing and is always looking for creative ways to use the tech tools we all know and love. Jessica is skilled in the art of “hype” at conferences and events. She can plan a huge event, present, run a booth, and she excels at just about anything event related! Jessica also has a strong passion for justice, which means she’s always working to affect positive change for students and educators. She spent several years advocating for policy change at the federal, state, and local levels.
Jessica is a Google Level 1 & Level 2 Certified Educator, Google Certified Innovator, and a Google Certified Trainer. She is also a Newsela Certified Educator.