Sticky Note Revolution: Google Keep

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"Sticky Note Revolution: Google Keep," is the first course in our "Unlocking Productivity with Google" series. This one-hour course is available for free for a limited time, offering a perfect introduction to enhancing your productivity with Google Workspace. Stay tuned for more course releases in the series, available for purchase or through our All-Access Membership.

Unlocking Productivity with Google Series:
  • Course 1: Sticky Note Revolution with Google Keep
  • Course 2: Mastering Gmail & Google Calendar
  • Course 3: Power-Up with Google Drive
  • Course 4: Google Docs Domination
  • Course 5: Streamline with Google Sheets

Feeling buried in sticky notes? Drowning in to-do lists? It's time for a note-keeping revolution!

This course introduces you to Google Keep, the digital sticky note powerhouse that will transform your digital note-taking life. We'll explore how to create notes, organize like a pro, and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues.

Get ready to ditch the paper chaos and embrace a more efficient, organized you! Let's unlock the potential of Google Keep and revolutionize your digital organization.


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Total Time: 1 Hour

In this course you will

Master the Fundamentals: Navigate the interface, create and edit various note types, incorporate multimedia, and manage notes through formatting, labeling, and pinning.

Boost Organization: Utilize labels, color coding, and pinning to categorize notes for efficient retrieval.

Enhance Collaboration: Share notes with others, manage permissions, and work collaboratively.

Optimize Workflows:
Leverage templates for recurring tasks, utilize voice typing and OCR for quick note creation, and explore integrations with other Google Apps.

Dive Deeper and Explore: Summarize key functionalities, access additional resources for further learning, and unlock the full potential of Google Keep.

Meet the Designer:
Allison Yeager

For a decade, Allison dedicated herself to education as an elementary school educator in a prominent DFW school district. She championed innovation, seamlessly integrating technology into her lessons to create engaging learning environments.

Transitioning to an EdTech Specialist role within the same district for three years, she shared her passion for educational technology, empowering both teachers and administrators.

Seeking a broader impact, Allison honed her skills as a leadership development trainer and instructional designer in the auto finance industry.

Now thriving as a Learning Experience Specialist on the friEdOnline team at friEd Technology, Allison continuously utilizes her diverse background to craft impactful learning experiences.
Much better than the average digital safety course. Interesting throughout and I gained good information.
This course was AH-MAZING! As much as it startles me to realize that I need to drastically change some of my practices, I am thankful to now have the knowledge and the tools to do so.
This was the most enjoyable online training that I have ever been required to do! I wish they were all like this!
Excellent explanations and recommendations to protect self and students against cyber attacks
This course was full of useful information that I feel compelled to put to good use. Not only is it helpful for educators, but it's just great info and advice overall if you want to be safe online.
I love the FriEd online courses. I can work at my own pace and each section gives you practice on presented skills.

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