Rock the Classroom:
Classroom Management & Behavior Strategies for Today’s Classroom

    Great for Teachers looking to improve their classroom management or student engagement, new teachers, veteran teachers, blended learning teachers, G/T, SpEd, & ELL teachers.
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​​Rules, discipline, consequences...oh my! Managing today’s classroom is intimidating. Whether online or in-person, connecting with our students begins with understanding them. In this course, participants gather a deeper insight into student behavior and learn how best to positively manage it. You’ll build the foundation for a successful classroom management strategy with tools like social and emotional learning, behavior principles, and student-led learning. You won’t just learn what works, you’ll know WHY your success is happening. Whether you’re a veteran educator in search of new ideas or brand new to the classroom, we’re confident you’ll find this course a treasure trove of ideas full of game-changing information that will have you declaring, “I’m ROCKing this Classroom!”

This course is 6 hours credit and we recommend it for the 6 hours GT maintenance credit; however, you do not need to be GT certified (or event teach GT students) to learn and benefit from this course.


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Total time: 6 hours

Good Bones: Laying the Foundation

  • Understand the various effects of classroom management on all components of our classrooms.
  • Make connections between classroom success and social-emotional learning (SEL).
  • Explore the science behind student behavior.
  • Reflect on our own perceptions of behavior and classroom management.

Trading Spaces: The Power of Student-Led Learning
  • Evaluate the meaning, importance, purpose, and effects of student-led learning.
  • Discover how to innovate classroom rules, expectations, and conduct from a student-led approach.
  • Review student-led learning opportunities in action.
  • Understand the function and benefits of student democracy.

Flip or Flop: Achieving Successful Implementation

  • Apply practical classroom management techniques to everyday functions.
  • Explore how to successfully manage expectations, instructions, and consequences.
  • Review best practices for parent and caregiver interaction.
  • Evaluate the utilization of other staff in your classroom management.
  • Identify ways to build relationships with students.

Dream Classroom: Maximize Your Value
  • Explore our favorite classroom management techniques.
  • Discover tips and tricks to creating a student-led space with your students.
  • Connect and network with other educators.
  • Utilize wait time to increase student engagement.
  • Set our virtual classrooms up for success.

Meet the Expert

Jacqueline Glazner, M.S.

Jacqueline is a behaviorist-turned-educator (and current LPC-Candidate) who developed a passion for teaching teachers. She’s taught 2nd-5th grades, as well as developed ELA and Social Studies curriculum. Most recently, she served as a Digital Learning Specialist for a large district in DFW and had the privilege of training teachers of all content and grade levels.
Jacqueline describes herself as a “mega-fan of human-centered innovation” and tries her best to sneak empathy-based practices into all of her sessions (you’ve been warned). She has an infectious sense of humor and such a way with words!
Jacqueline is a Google Level 1 & Level 2 Certified Educator.
She is also GT certified.

Meet the Designers

Allison Yeager, M.Ed.

Allison spent the first 10 years of her career as an elementary educator in a large district in DFW. She taught 1st-3rd graders through the years, in both regular and dual language programs. As a teacher, she loved finding ways to integrate technology to engage and create new learning experiences for her students. She then spent 3 years serving as an EdTech specialist for the same school district where she was able to share her passion for EdTech with teachers and administrators. Allison’s most recent experience was in the corporate world where she was able to hone her training and instructional design skills for an auto-finance company. Her true passion for education and educators brought her to friEd Technology where she joins the friEdOnline team as a Learning Experience Specialist.

Alicia Swedberg, M.Ed.

Over 25 years ago, Alicia began teaching elementary school with a passion for integrating technology in her daily instruction. After eight years in the classroom, Alicia followed her love of teaching Reading and Technology and became a district coach for a large district in Texas. For the past decade, she has worked in the educational consulting world creating interactive, engaging, meaningful asynchronous learning experiences that teachers WANT to take! In 2019, she realized a dream of hers and created friEdOnline. With the amazing knowledge and expertise of everyone at friEdTechnology, friEdOnline has surpassed all of her expectations and continues to flourish. Alicia is also a Google Level 1 & Level 2 Certified Educator.
Classroom management is that one area of teaching that we all have to learn on the battlefield. This was hands down the most useful course I've taken regarding it. 
Rock the Classroom: Managing Today's Digital Age Classroom rocked my idea of students sitting in desks in rows and the teacher at the front of the classroom lecturing. I am inspired to introduce and build on the student led learning information inside this dynamic course! Thanks so much to the brilliant people at friEd :)
This was the best online course I have ever taken. I really enjoyed the format of the training and the content was outstanding!
This course really pumped this 22nd year teacher to tackle the rest of this year. 
I wish I had taken this course sooner! I think every teacher should complete this course - it is so essential to our profession to be cognizant of student SEL needs. It would make teaching so much easier if we addressed SEL's as part of our standard lesson plan and not treat it like it is separate.
Amazing course! I will definitely recommend to friends!

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