Safe and Secure: Protecting Information Online

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Cybersecurity and how we protect our own and others' sensitive information is becoming a top priority for schools who have increasingly been paying a real price for not acting sooner as more and more serious breaches within education have been revealed. Has your district or one you've heard of been scammed? Most likely yes; in this course, you will find out. Security breaches are most commonly due to human error, and increasingly, teachers and other educational staff members have become targets of cyber criminals. This course is ideal for all educators, teachers, principals, paraprofessionals, and other educator support specialists, to learn how to be proactive and ultimately avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime in one's own life and also in one's position as an educator. This course will help you become aware of your own role in keeping the data you access safe in your position as an educator; no tech degree is required! 


Broken into five course components

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Total Time: 6 Hours

Field Training
  • What is information security?
  • Confidential, private, and personal information
  • Which information is protected by what laws?

Mission 1: Recognizing Digital Security Threats
  • Threats and attacks
  • Threat actors
  • Risk Mitigation

Mission 2: Safeguarding Information
  • How to safeguard against unauthorized access
  • Securely storing information
  • Securely disposing and sanitizing information
  • Safeguarding best practices

Mission 3: Responding to Threats
  • Spotting an attack
  • Responding to an attack

Mission Debrief
  • Final Assessment

Meet the Expert

Kim Nesmith

Kim Nesmith specializes in data governance, privacy, and educational technology. She has experience implementing long-term strategies focused on coordinating and aligning data collection, storage, and use as well as ensuring the privacy of student and teacher data. While serving at the Louisiana Department of Education, Kim established a data governance system that included data access and management policies, privacy trainings, and data release processes. She oversaw all data sharing agreements, monitored releases of data, and provided guidance regarding compliance to the strictest student data privacy law in the nation.
Kim speaks and teaches about data governance and data privacy nationally. She works with nonprofits, state education agencies, and local education agencies to create resources and trainings. With a past service at the local school level, she also brings eleven years of experience as a classroom teacher to her work. She taught technology courses such as multimedia, web mastering, and computer programming in a project-based learning environment, infusing the courses with as much core content as possible.

Meet the Designer

Lauren Heil

Lauren’s career actually started in the graphic design and art direction arena. When she found herself craving a more fulfilling path, she started exploring the world of education and fell in love. As it turns out, great design and great teaching go hand in hand! This became her mission in her classroom as a Google Innovator, and it quickly grew to her district and other schools within the US when we all quickly shifted to distance learning. She is such an asset to the friEdOnline team as a Learning Experience Designer creating useful, engaging asynchronous learning opportunities. Lauren lives with her husband, daughter and her sweet dog in beautiful Colorado!
Lauren is a Google Level 1 & Level 2 Certified Educator, Google Certified Innovator, and a Google Certified Trainer.
Much better than the average digital safety course. Interesting throughout and I gained good information.
This course was AH-MAZING! As much as it startles me to realize that I need to drastically change some of my practices, I am thankful to now have the knowledge and the tools to do so.
This was the most enjoyable online training that I have ever been required to do! I wish they were all like this!
Excellent explanations and recommendations to protect self and students against cyber attacks
This course was full of useful information that I feel compelled to put to good use. Not only is it helpful for educators, but it's just great info and advice overall if you want to be safe online.
I love the FriEd online courses. I can work at my own pace and each section gives you practice on presented skills.

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