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Around Research

    Great for New Teachers, Veteran Teachers, Blended Learning Teachers, G/T Teachers, SpEd, ELL
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This informative online course provides educators the tools and resources needed to help students perform reliable, independent research. The learning activities provided enrich and elevate instruction, while meeting the diverse needs of the G/T student. Participants learn how to guide students to ask relevant questions and then select the best resources in order to analyze, record and organize the findings. After helping transform an idea into a product, we share creative ways to present the research. 

This course is 6 hours credit and we recommend it for the 6 hours GT maintenance credit; however, you do not need to be GT certified (or event teach GT students) to learn and benefit from this course.


Broken into 6 components

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Total time: 6 hours
Shift your Mindset to Foster Creativity
The learner will understand...
  • What is G/T?
  • Common G/T Terms
  • Misconceptions about G/T Students
  • Research Skills
  • Shifting your Mindset with TED Talks

Ask the Right Questions: What is Relevant?

The learner will practice...
  • Advanced Google Search
  • Applied Digital Skills
  • Image Search
  • Think with Google
  • Google Trends
  • Explore Tool

Investigate the Facts: Which Resources are Right?

The learner will understand how to use...
  • A Google A Day

Analyze! Record! Organize!: Track your Research

The learner will understand how to use...
  • Independent Reading
  • Mystery Search
  • Research Strategies
  • Finding your Answer
  • Bonus: Extensions

Synthesize & Develop: Transform an Idea into an Advanced Product

The learner will explore...
  • Research Writing
  • Infographics
  • Non-Linear Slides Presentations
  • Videos & Movies

Show What you Know: Present Research Findings with Style

  • What is an Individual Display of Learning (IDL)
  • IDL: App Smashing Examples
  • Student Mystery Search
  • Presentation Skills Checklist
  • Bringing it All Together
  • Classroom Rubrics

Jessica Powell-Allbright

Jessica spent the first eight years of her classroom career wrangling middle schoolers (just kidding, she taught just English) before becoming a District Instructional Technology Specialist. She has an affinity for app-smashing and is always looking for creative ways to use the tech tools we all know and love. Jessica is skilled in the art of “hype” at conferences and events. She can plan a huge event, present, run a booth, and she excels at just about anything event related! Jessica also has a strong passion for justice, which means she’s always working to affect positive change for students and educators. She spent several years advocating for policy change at the federal, state, and local levels.
Jessica is a Google Level 1 & Level 2 Certified Educator, Google Certified Innovator, and a Google Certified Trainer. She is also a Newsela Certified Educator.
This session exceeded my expectations and provided information that can be used in a myriad of disciplines, grade levels, and courses. The suggested platforms and digital tools will enhance any classroom setting. Anyone who applies a third of the tools provided will benefit from having a transformative digital classroom. 
I was so excited to find a course that gave great ideas on teaching students to find credible resources when doing their own research. I can't wait to use these new ideas in my classroom!
Every single one of your sessions is exactly what we need to use Google Products to do what we may want to do in the classroom. Excellent work! I recommended this one to my English/ELA coworker this is exactly what is needed for her. I WILL BE USING the Applied Digital Skills--most teachers want to do new things so badly, but to have this already set up and done is magic beyond life comprehension! 

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