MS friEd Mixtape: Differentiating Learning for Littles (K-6)

  Great for New Teachers, Veteran Teachers, Blended Learning Teachers, G/T Teachers, SpEd, ELL
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Do you have a classroom of “Littles” at various learning levels begging to use technology? Do you struggle to provide equitable access for young gifted students in your classroom? Save yourself some planning time while upping your teaching game by creating differentiated learning experiences for your K-6 students.

friEdTech has designed the perfect solution for students incorporating self-grading pre-assessments and engaging digital learning activities customizable to meet ALL learners' needs. During this learning journey, you will get a glimpse into classrooms where differentiated playlists have led to teacher and student success. The best part? Throughout the course, you will learn by DOING as you create your own ready-to-use mixtape you can try with your students right away! Prepare to have some fun learning as you begin changing your life as a teacher with friEd Mixtape: Differentiating Learning for Littles.

Upon completion of this course, you will earn 6 hours of credit. We recommend that schools accept this course credit for the 6 hours of G/T maintenance credit; however, you do not need to be G/T certified (or even teach gifted students) to learn and benefit from this course.


Broken into seven course components

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Total Time: 6 Hours

Course Outline

Teachers Just Want to Differentiate
  • What is Differentiation?
  • Approaches to Differentiation
  • Differentiation Strategies
  • Playlists, Choice Boards, and the friEd Mixtape

Track 1 | Pre-Assessing with Google Forms: Any Way You Want It
  • What is a Pre-assessment?
  • Creating an automated Google Form Pre-assessment
  • Get to Know Your Students with Google Forms

Track 2 | Creating Mixtapes: Walking on Sunshine with Google Slides

  • Exploring a friEd Mixtape
  • Creating a friEd Mixtape with Google Slides

Track 3 | Explore by Learning

  • Sketchnoting in the classroom
  • Increasing your visual vocabulary
  • Polaroid Notes
  • Creating Self Paced Pear Deck Activities

Bonus Track | Let’s Get Physical with Brain Boosts and Check-Ins

  • Exercise Your Mind with Brain Boosts
  • Check-In Strategies

Track 4 | Engage by Doing

  • Google Slides Drag and Drop Activities
  • Game Based Learning vs. Gamification
  • Game Based Learning strategies
  • Creating GBL experiences with Flippity
  • Inquiry Based Learning with Flipgrid

Track 5 | Explain by Creating
  • Understand how to Microcast with Mote
  • Practice programming with Google CS First
  • Explore animation tools
  • Create digital and physical board games

Closing | Don’t Stop Believing
  • Tips from Leadership
  • Untangling Your Mixtape
  • Sharing Your Mixtape

Meet the Expert

Melissa Gomez Summerford, M.Ed.

Melissa started her long career in education as an Elementary educator who is passionate about her work bringing technology integration to EC-4 educators. Melissa is a Google Certified Educator, Trainer and Innovator. She has been an active member of the Texas Google Educator Group (GEG) and currently serves as a leader in GEG Global, an educator group of Google Certified Educators and Trainers worldwide. Melissa is always looking for ways to innovate and improve her practices, and she believes that it takes a team to build success. Melissa’s a perfectionist and strives to be a servant leader who inspires others.
Melissa is a Google Level 1 & Level 2 Certified Educator, Google Certified Innovator, and a Google Certified Trainer. She is also a Microsoft Certified Educator and Newsela Certified Educator.

Meet the Designer

Darryl Legaspi, M.Ed.

Darryl has been an edutainer (educator/entertainer) for over a decade. He was an early adopter of Google’s educational tools, an incorporator of all things Project-Based Learning, and an all around fun dude. After teaching, he ventured into educational technology as a digital learning specialist and then media specialist. He is passionate about engaging activities like digital escape rooms, design thinking, and the efficiency of using Google tools. No wonder he is the perfect Experience Designer for friEdOnline! He is also a co-host of the “Flipping Good Tech” podcast along with his friend and colleague, Elizabeth. Darryl is a fun-loving guy who likes corny dad jokes and long walks on the beach.
Darryl is a Google Level 1 & Level 2 Certified Educator, Google Certified Innovator, and a Google Certified Trainer.
What a great course. So many great ideas to get students engaged through differentiation and different learning modalities. The sky is the limit!
I think mixtapes are going to take my guided math to the next level!!!
I loved that the course focused on information that is relevant to now and how various students learn.
I LOVED feeling like I was at an in-person training, but with the luxury of reviewing as many times as I wanted! 
This course was very different than expected, but I enjoyed it so much! I learned tons of new things. I will definitely recommend it!
Was amazed by how much I learned and how easy this course was to navigate. Loved the games and new ideas shared.

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