Inclusive Technology in the Classroom

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Explore technology's role in education with Part 5 - Inclusive Technology in the Classroom in our Fundamentals of Special Education: An Educator’s Guide series.

This course is available alone or as part of the full six-hour series at a discounted rate.

Unlock the power of tech to foster inclusive learning environments with our dynamic online course, "Inclusive Technology in the Classroom." In this comprehensive program, we'll debunk the myth that technology consumes time, revealing instead its potential to streamline tasks and enhance student engagement. From identifying accessible and assistive tech solutions to save valuable time, to uncovering a wealth of resources for creating inclusive lesson plans, our course equips educators with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in today's diverse classrooms. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to innovation as we embark on a journey to empower every learner. Join us and revolutionize your approach to teaching with tech.

This is a one hour, fifteen minute course that is available individually or as part of our six-hour course, Fundamentals of Special Education: An Educator’s Guide. 


Available alone or as part of a series

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Total Time: 1 Hour, 15 minutes

Inclusive Technology in the Classroom
Explore the potential of technology to enhance learning experiences for students with special needs.

There’s no time for tech! How can it help my students anyway?
Let’s identify ways accessible and assistive technology can save time and improve learning.
  • Explore methods to ensure equitable technology use in the classroom.
  • Learn to modify and adapt digital content to meet individual needs.
  • Understand the role of assistive technology in supporting students' learning.
  • Explore various assistive devices and tools available for different disabilities.
  • Learn to assess and select appropriate assistive technology for individual students.

I’m lost! Where do I go for materials and ideas?
Let’s discover resources to help create inclusive learning.
  • Discover digital resources tailored to different learning needs.
  • Learn to create inclusive educational materials using technology.
  • Explore ways to promote engagement and participation through digital activities.

Jacqueline Glazner, M.S., LPC-A, NCC

Jacqueline is a behaviorist-turned-educator (and current LPC-A) who developed a passion for teaching teachers. She’s taught 2nd-5th grades, as well as developed ELA and Social Studies curriculum. Most recently, she served as a Digital Learning Specialist for a large district in DFW and had the privilege of training teachers of all content and grade levels. Jacqueline describes herself as a “mega-fan of human-centered innovation” and tries her best to sneak empathy-based practices into all of her sessions (you’ve been warned). She has an infectious sense of humor and such a way with words! Jacqueline is a Google Level 1 & Level 2 Certified Educator, as well as Special Education, Gifted Talented, ESL, and PTSD certified.
Truly enjoyed how easy this was to navigate and learn from! It was very interactive! 
Friedonline courses are easy to follow and are very interesting. I have learned alot taking these courses.
I have been looking for quick, but beneficial ways to further my teaching career, and this was just that!
This course definitely made me more aware of choosing appropriate and accessible design elements when creating resources. 
This was perfect. The balance was there. I was able to access the information without roadblocks. Everyone who creates ANYTHING for children (and ADULTS!!!) should take this course!! 
I love that this is so inclusive for students with multiple needs. I believe this should be required by all teachers with the world becoming high tech!

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